Adventure Log - 004

In which Zello is introduced and the rat court plot thickens.

  • Made equipment – Steel/Silver Breastplate
  • Rode on Silas’ beast to Galdorgalere to find the Rat Court
  • Silas ripped off a tavern roof to interrogate people, Othar used destiny to track a thread, and Theo found a tavern to go to. Tei followed Theo
  • Theo stabbed a pickpocket through the eyeball
  • At the tavern, Theo was attacked by a lady, and nearly hit with a poison knife by a guy. Tei grabbed the lady while Theo stabbed the guy in the back.
  • The two receive letters from the rat court so Theo and Tei took the letters and tracked the wealth to the upper city.
  • Meanwhile, Silas and Othar were making a 103 year old man “new” again. They gave him a grand axe. Zello.
  • Silas discovered that every person in the slums had directly or indirectly murdered at least 5 people. Including the children.
  • Tei grabbed two children and Silas deduced that they had called for murder without being aware of it.
  • Ended before Silas and Tei went to the agency.
  • Tei gained 27 xp (165 xp)



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