Adventure Log - 006

In which Zello is ambushed in his sleep and Silas kills people.

  • Looked through the records to find possible candidates for new leadership for Galdorgalere
  • Went to bed with the intention of going to the Academy the next day
  • Attacked by an assassin during the night that got into the bedroom Zello and Theo were sharing via a secret tunnel
  • Zello was attacked and used an ascension
  • Zello damaged the assassin
  • Silas killed him against Tei’s wishes _
  • The rat mask the assassin was wearing turned into really fast rats that escaped through the tunnel
  • The assassin was Miles Edgeburger, who had just come from a theater, and whose black wraps had been hastily applied.
  • Tei went to investigate the tunnel and encountered an abjury field and an explosion.
  • He and Othar were going to investigate further, and discovered that much of the Galdorgalere manor is connected to the tunnel.
  • Tei gained 22 xp (232 xp)



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