Adventure Log - 007

In which Othar commits atrocities against humankind.

  • Went through the tunnels and entered the rat court’s realm
  • Discovered the god was a primal, or acting as one, and his name is Lexian
  • There was a rumbling, and then a few minutes later, citizens of Galdorgalere came in and surrounded where a dais was. They raised their hands and lolled their heads back and said Lexian’s name, and rats surged out of the sewers and swarmed on their bodies and became masks and wooden weapons.
  • The weapons, when damage is done, injected a poison that made fungus start to grow in the wound.
  • Silas mutilated one guy, while Tei trapped a lady in a windything.
  • Then Othar attempted to telekinesis the masks of all the people.
  • It ripped off their face bones. Everyone died. Tei was a sad panda.
  • Silas broke through the ceiling and found himself in the void, able to breathe only because of Tei’s suffocation-contingency miracle.
  • Othar and Theo went back to the manor.
  • Tei gained 22 xp (254 xp)



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