Adventure Log - 019

In which Nerris gets all up in our business.

  • Torque visited to warn us about the commune’s arrival
  • Silas removed the fear miracle from Zello
  • Tei located him and… he required therapy so Theo was recruited to help with that
  • Boreen and Nerris (swords and hearth) arrived with a bunch of Order people on behalf of the Commune
  • Nerris is effectively a rank 4 order officer
  • They demanded lavish new living quarters and barracks to be built within Deopolis
  • Met inside a room in the agency via Tei to discuss this, invited Torque (who wants to necromancy our dead for records or something)
  • Need to meet with Icellt
  • Tei asked if they were being threatened; Nerris said something like ‘this is insurance(?)’ Tei laughed and then was told to shut up so he did
  • Tei gained 5xp, 10es (477 xp, 395 es)



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