Adventure Log - 022

In which Nerris isn't invited to her own pity party.

  • Tei went to the agency to set up a memory delve on Nerris
  • Ven, an umbral, infiltrated her room and drugged her wine
  • The witch leader did the delve
    - Her brothers died from plague
    - Sister got married and left home
    - She met Annachie and fell in love
    - Her parents arranged a marriage that she didn’t want because she loved Annachie
    - She argued with them and that was when apotheosis started
    - Her house caught fire and Annachie was blamed for arson and imprisoned
    - Her master was mean to her and controlled her
    - She tried to find a way to get rid of the control
    - When her apotheosis finished, she stole documents from the dominion and gave them to the commune
    - She went home to try to save Annachie but the four cowled fathers kicked her out
    - She set up avatars in that region to keep an eye on her home
    - That’s why she wants the sanctum staff
    - To get into our protectorate she used a shame divination to discover that the highest Order member is aiding an infernal who was his lover before she infernal’d
  • Silas started training Nerris’ troops in war games
  • Tei started making copies of some documents for a poor dynast who was bullied by Silas :C
  • Tei gained 10xp, 10es (505 xp, 415 es)



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