Adventure Log - 023

In which Rakhis. Just Rakhis.

  • Tei opened the door to his library and there were bubbles. There were books and imps trapped in bubbles floating out of his library.
  • Used an air miracle to push all the bubbles together and into the library
  • Turned into one large bubble which Tei popped
  • It exploded into goo that started everything on fire
  • Attempted to put the fire out by destroying air
  • It didn’t work
  • Called Silas for help and asked him to put the fire out
  • He couldn’t because it wasn’t his sphere
  • Tei attempted to pat it out but it was cold
  • He asked Silas to attempt to burn it. He succeeded and the green-purple cold fire melted and then reformed into a person uncomfortably close to Tei
  • It was Rakhis, his mentor, the goddess of chaos.
  • She turned his hair into ferrets, then started to float away a wing of the library
  • He countered her Chaos sphere to fix the floating away library and then the same for his hair
  • Interacted with Silas a bit who was being affected by her sphere
  • She said he was no fun, grabbed him, and shooting star traversal’d away to the poisonous mountains
  • (As a result of the traversal, a firework screech went off and deafened Silas and also Theo)
  • (Theo made magical ear drops which cure deafness)
  • There she said that he will be hers and she will teach him how to have fun and be interesting, etc, and tried to make him smile
  • He didn’t, he tried to fly away
  • She grabbed his leg and reeled him in, then hugged him
  • He said she is horrible and he hates her and she said she loves him too
  • She demanded to know where Silas was and he claimed to not know him
  • He miserably failed his lie but managed to avoid being hurt by her truth inspiring castigation
  • She said he was no fun again and tongued his ear
  • Silas showed up and announced himself
  • She was all excited that he was there, so she shooting star traversed her way back to Deopolis, where she free-fell down into Othar’s workshop and destroyed much of it
  • He got extremely angry and telekinetically grabbed her, then started squeezing her, so she disassociated her body and disappeared
  • Then Othar got abnormally hate-y and started chanting and building a conjury portal. When he was finished, Silas’ mentor stepped through. (Silas’ mentor has spheres of hate and honor and had incarnated in Othar’s hate)
  • Othar rage-rocketed into the sky and off elsewhere.
  • Silas’ mentor drilled him on the witch deal and gave him a week to kill the witch who helped us. Turns out he has Silas warded to know when he’s around witches and whether or not he deals with them. Then he left.
  • Meanwhile, Nerris’ face is D8!
  • This done, Tei went to his library and summoned a fiend named Xzafad who he ordered to rebuild his library, and performed a restoration of stories miracle to put all his books back in good condition
  • Silas went to see Nerris and tell her to make him immediately busy for a whole week so he could get out of the witch hunt. So they decided to start training the troops out in the wilderness right away.
  • Nerris just got space-twisting multitudes so she sent one body off to see Tei about what all that nonsense was about. They were both equally upset about it and Nerris kind of blamed Tei, and he explained that he did everything he could to stop her. She suggested creating an abjury spell to counter Shooting Star Traversal, and offered to show him the basics. Then she invited him for a drink.
  • During the night, Silas was attacked at camp by his mentor. Silas won and crystalline-imprisoned him.
  • Tei gained 10xp, 10es (515 xp, 425 es)



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