Adventure Log - 025

In which Nerris can't hold all her feelings for mortals.

  • Nerris showed up and said she needed more information on the infernal land and wanted to scout it out by pretending to be an ambassador for diplomacy
  • Prepared entourage
  • Ibrahim went along and had a celebratory feast
  • Nerris met with the infernal and started trying to diplomacy with him about the … packaging of the goros
  • Infernal took away one of the entourage and when it was noticed and questioned he said he was going to prepare him into a feast
  • Nerris flipped her shit
  • SUDDENLY everything went black and white and Ibrahim turned around and talked to the stalker mirror and said Nerris was coming and we should leave the room so she doesn’t find out about it (thanks emperor but you’re still scary as heck)
  • Nerris showed up and ranted about how she wanted to make scourges to permanently destroy him
  • Demanded Tei get an umbral from the Agency to scout the region and look for extra bodies, etc
  • 5 spires that protect the city
  • The city is his body
  • Doesn’t have STM
  • 300,000 vanguards, most are imps, one giant devil over the city
  • There’s deposits of skystone
  • A pirate cove resistance
  • To prepare, Silas got his divine champion
  • Othar provided weapons
  • Theo taught everybody first aid
  • Tei summoned 16 thunderhead raiders
  • Theo went to the pirate cove to recruit them
  • Met Handsome Jim :3
  • Tei gained 5xp, 5es (525 xp, 435 es)



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