Adventure Log - 028

In which Tei makes more terrible decisions, causing himself, Silas and Theo take two week vacations and Othar laughs.

  • Theo tried to commiserate with the dominion
  • His boss (god of hate) is a jerk and gave him paperwork
  • Decided to get 2 headed god (mayhem) to destroy mausoleum
  • Tei, Silas and Theo went to mausoleum
  • Surrounded by trees that were once people
  • Silas destroyed a couple. They bled and had organs. People organs.
  • Went into mausoleum and tried to read the side
  • Failed a few times
  • Tei succeeded and read that it was an epitaph to the god of tyranny, who “will be reborn in the future”
  • It told Tei that he was not yet worthy. And then he exploded.
  • Silas and Theo turned into trees.
  • When Theo tried to kill himself to prevent from being tree’d, he FAILED, so Silas beheaded him.
  • Theo’s bodies were teaching medical classes. As he explained the symptoms of the common flu, and as he tried to assure a student that injecting a syringe was harmless, he mutated into a tree and his head popped off.
  • Silas just killed himself.
  • We all took two week vacations, except for Theo, who had radiant starlit rebirth, and had a one week vacation.
  • The beast got manifold mind.
  • Theo star’d back to Ar-Sheba and got the god of mayhem to destroy the trees, trying to pollute the land enough to break the material of the mausoleum
  • He lied and said he had a “friend” coming
  • Also lied and said he was planning a surprise party for Silas’ birthday.
    Scholar guy showed up and said it would take the size of our protectorate worth of pollution, or one of us has to become a tyrant, or we need to expand and control an empire.
  • Tei gained 5xp, 10es (540 xp, 465 es)



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