Adventure Log - 018
In which Amanda neglected to write down specifics and is convinced that she will one day write stuff down but it probably won't happen.
  • Met with infernal
  • Tei gained 10xp, 8es (472 xp, 385 es)
Adventure Log - 017
In which Tei makes another very stupid decision and surgery is performed with spoons.
  • Convoy to infernal region
  • Ibrahim & emperor?
  • Tei gained 8xp, 5es (462 xp, 377 es)
Adventure Log - 016
In which Zello has more romantic success than any of us.
  • Visited the logging village where Zello has a sweetheart
  • Tei made an orchard
  • Theo made friends
  • Silas and Othar went to Irregnaka to scout and make it suitable for a port town
  • Theo made an agreement for the beast to carry logs back and forth from the logging town to Irregnaka
  • Theo and Tei went to Irregnaka and supervised things
  • Theo made friends with the villagers and tried to calm them down
  • Tei gained 10xp, 15es (454 xp, 372 es)
Character Rebuilds
In which essence is introduced.
  • Tei has 430 xp and 350 essence.
Adventure Log - 015
In which Tei fails at seducing people, Silas inadvertently succeeds, and Theo becomes our secretary.
  • Taka was missing so we had a rank up mission
  • Had to find a rank 3 astral and ask him to oversee our council of 9 while we tried to convince them we deserved a rank up for killing Lexian
  • Council consisted of Saa, Torque, wolves, marriage, hearth, nightmares, atlas, gen, and blades/knives
  • In order to convince Admiralman to oversee the hearing Tei tried to convince some rank 1s to seduce him and failed miserably
  • He even failed to freely forgiven it
  • Ended up going to Galdorgalere to get the neighborhood bicycle and convince her to help instead
  • Had to convince her husband to let her go
  • She found more interest in Silas
  • Tei said he was a eunuch and Silas made an amazing success on a perception roll, and to prove he was not, dropped his pants in front of the audience.
  • Admiralman agreed to oversee the council out of pity and/or respect for our effort.
  • Tei gained 10xp, 5es (444 xp, 357 es)
Adventure Log - 014
In which Theo cleans up his symmachia's mess and Tei helps a little bit.
  • Started getting Galdorgalere on its feet again
  • Had the mass funeral thingy
  • There was a speech
  • Had a book with the names of all the dead
  • Burned it along with an effigy
  • Tei gained 4 xp, 2 es (434 xp, 352 es)
Adventure Log - 013
In which Tei commits an atrocity against humankind.
  • Othar and Theo cleaned up the city!
  • Tei miracled everybody’s histories so they were no longer hobos!
  • Went to the academy where we were already being celebrated and informed some students that their families were dead!
  • Empathy’d and stuff!
  • Tei gained 11 xp (347 xp)
Adventure Log - 012
In which Lexian's plan is foiled by bad GM dice rolls.
  • The plan is to crystalline prison all of the people in an attempt to draw out Lexian.
  • Discussed the plan to be sure it was a good idea
  • Theo was disappoint with it
  • The biggest kink was that their plan might make everybody hate us
  • So Tei told a story about a sleepy kitten to make them all fall asleep. That way we could pin it on a god of nightmares or something afterward.
  • Theo was still disappoint. He left. :c
  • So the rest of us proceeded with the plan. Silas lit the field on fire to crystalline everyone, then made a speech. Othar made Silas faster.
  • Waited around 7 hours when Tei perceived the sound of a horde of scampering rats approaching through the sewers. AAAAH
  • Some of the rats entered via the field of fire. OOPS
  • Silas ran around trying to catch as many as possible and hold them in his arms, then lit them on fire
  • Tei made a vortex to suck in as many as possible
  • Othar made Silas and the vortex stronger
  • Lexian attempted to flee and around a third of the rats escaped the vortex
  • Silas lit Tei’s vortex on FIRE
  • Tei attempted some lesser fire conjuration to aid Silas in damaging. He was embarrassingly unsuccessful in doing any damage
  • Othar manipulated the region to loop back in on itself, so the sewers exited in the field of fire
  • Lexian soaked some damage
  • Silas made his fires not burn for a round to avoid too much damage soaking
  • Tei moved his vortex into the field of fire for MORE BURNING
  • Othar did some stuff I think!
  • Lexian’s fleeing rats reappeared in the field of fire and were sucked into the vortex
  • Silas jumped into the vortex, released the rats, and slashed around with his claws, doing enough damage to begin crystalline prison-ing some rats
  • Tei and Othar watched as Silas did more damages and escaped the vortex as the rats began forming Lexian’s body and crystalizing
  • Lexian was described as looking 18-20ish with a rat head, some 8 ft tall and very thin. He was, in fact, a Primal.
  • Tei gained 34 xp (336 xp)
  • Also Silas (as a fast forward type of thing maybe) located Tei in his library without breaking anything
  • Tei has imps to help him with things :D
  • Silas was concerned about the imps
  • After being reassured he asked Tei to teach him Abjury on the condition that he stop teasing him about his miserable ranged skill
Adventure Log - 011
In which Tei tells everybody to be afraid, Theo makes a no bad touch zone, and Othar and Silas create zombies.
  • Figured out what to do with all the miscreants influenced by Lexian
  • Theo magicked up a space that communicated safety while Silas and Tei were going to menace people until they all were rounded up there
  • Decided to wait a day because of fatigues and stuff, so Theo and Tei went back to the academy with Icellt
  • Leaving Othar and Silas to experiment with the redeye drug on the populace.
  • I believe they injected it, mixed it with alcohol, and then actually got someone to take it the right way, killing some people and turning others into poobrains.
  • They kept the poobrains with them when they went to camp.
  • Tei, Theo and Icellt went to get them in the morning and were surprised to find over a thousand people already in the safety box along the way.
  • Silas’ beast and Tei menaced the remaining population into the safety box.
  • Tei gained 13 xp (302 xp)
Adventure Log - 010
In which Ibrahim and Icellt are introduced and everybody realizes they are the worst gods ever.
  • Theo got a disciple
  • Tei remembered that we left Galdorgalere leader-less
  • Returned to Galdorgalere to find it… in total anarchy and completely ransacked
  • Tei went to the academy and met an invisible barrier
  • Went through the barrier using abjury
  • Looking through the barrier from the inside made it look like the city was fine – a witchery illusion?
  • Met with the headmastress and informed her the state of the city
  • Told her that she is the head of the city and to stay inside the protective bubble in return for loyalty and stuff
  • Necromancied some corpses to find out that the rat court was responsible for this
  • The city is in actual anarchy, nobody is in charge
  • WHAT DO?
  • Tei gained 16 xp (289 xp)

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