Adventure Log - 009
In which the group infiltrates a city of drug addict minotaurs and make a mess of anything.
  • Othar had a meeting where he tried to convince the group to create a floating fortress and weapon forged from our unity and stuff
  • Agency called Silas and Tei to go to a region in the northeast and figure out the plans of an underground militia that was going to overthrow the current government
  • The city was shoddy and the inhabitants were minotaurs that had very poor pattern recognition and self preservation
  • Silas got drugged with red eye … and went on a rampage for about a minute before Tei miracle’d him sober
  • Tei took a sample for himself. Silas took the rest to stock it.
  • Silas made people soil themselves out of fear
  • Tei killed a drug addict
  • Infiltrated the underground militia. Tei threatened the chieftain to be by grabbing his nose ring. Theo defended his honor. Kinda.
  • We stormed the manor and killed everything before the militia got there. Tei killed the chieftain
  • The chieftain to be was mad that he didn’t get to kill the current chieftain so Othar telekinesis’d the body and it got killed … again
  • Returned to the agency and told them the plan, and also exchanged knowledge about Lexian for a future favor.
  • Tei gained 8 xp (273 xp)
Adventure Log - 008
In which Tei makes a very stupid decision.
  • Tei remained at the rat court’s domain
  • Othar and Theo met with the previous symmachia and attempted to get information about the rat court
  • Tei was attacked by rats, disassociated his body and perfect dodged the rat bites.
  • Lexian warned them to stop being meddlesome kids
  • Tei gained 11 xp (265 xp)
Adventure Log - 007
In which Othar commits atrocities against humankind.
  • Went through the tunnels and entered the rat court’s realm
  • Discovered the god was a primal, or acting as one, and his name is Lexian
  • There was a rumbling, and then a few minutes later, citizens of Galdorgalere came in and surrounded where a dais was. They raised their hands and lolled their heads back and said Lexian’s name, and rats surged out of the sewers and swarmed on their bodies and became masks and wooden weapons.
  • The weapons, when damage is done, injected a poison that made fungus start to grow in the wound.
  • Silas mutilated one guy, while Tei trapped a lady in a windything.
  • Then Othar attempted to telekinesis the masks of all the people.
  • It ripped off their face bones. Everyone died. Tei was a sad panda.
  • Silas broke through the ceiling and found himself in the void, able to breathe only because of Tei’s suffocation-contingency miracle.
  • Othar and Theo went back to the manor.
  • Tei gained 22 xp (254 xp)
Adventure Log - 006
In which Zello is ambushed in his sleep and Silas kills people.
  • Looked through the records to find possible candidates for new leadership for Galdorgalere
  • Went to bed with the intention of going to the Academy the next day
  • Attacked by an assassin during the night that got into the bedroom Zello and Theo were sharing via a secret tunnel
  • Zello was attacked and used an ascension
  • Zello damaged the assassin
  • Silas killed him against Tei’s wishes _
  • The rat mask the assassin was wearing turned into really fast rats that escaped through the tunnel
  • The assassin was Miles Edgeburger, who had just come from a theater, and whose black wraps had been hastily applied.
  • Tei went to investigate the tunnel and encountered an abjury field and an explosion.
  • He and Othar were going to investigate further, and discovered that much of the Galdorgalere manor is connected to the tunnel.
  • Tei gained 22 xp (232 xp)
Adventure Log - 005
In which everyone is scared shitless of the rat court.
  • Tei went with Silas to the Agency
  • Discovered that the rat court has been around for 731 years at least
  • The rat court is a deity’s avatar
  • Watched a god’s previous encounter with the rat court via the circle of five memory vision
    they died.
  • Trained a lot to prepare for confronting the rat court
  • Had the “diplomacy” meeting and Tei miraculously convinced the Lady that her husband was a bad, bad man through a brilliant charm test
  • Tei gained 45 xp (210 xp)
Adventure Log - 004
In which Zello is introduced and the rat court plot thickens.
  • Made equipment – Steel/Silver Breastplate
  • Rode on Silas’ beast to Galdorgalere to find the Rat Court
  • Silas ripped off a tavern roof to interrogate people, Othar used destiny to track a thread, and Theo found a tavern to go to. Tei followed Theo
  • Theo stabbed a pickpocket through the eyeball
  • At the tavern, Theo was attacked by a lady, and nearly hit with a poison knife by a guy. Tei grabbed the lady while Theo stabbed the guy in the back.
  • The two receive letters from the rat court so Theo and Tei took the letters and tracked the wealth to the upper city.
  • Meanwhile, Silas and Othar were making a 103 year old man “new” again. They gave him a grand axe. Zello.
  • Silas discovered that every person in the slums had directly or indirectly murdered at least 5 people. Including the children.
  • Tei grabbed two children and Silas deduced that they had called for murder without being aware of it.
  • Ended before Silas and Tei went to the agency.
  • Tei gained 27 xp (165 xp)
Adventure Log - 003
In which Tei inadvertently makes poop jokes.
  • Tei made Silas a book to busy himself and looked distracted with
  • Silas tried to convince Tei to bond as Order brethren by killing people
  • Tei went as the envoy to Galdorgalere, disguised as an Aezoph
  • Silas noticed Tei had a violent device on him
  • Tei went to the bathroom and located the device
  • Discovered it was a fireball device made with wizardry
  • Used a miracle to turn himself invisible that would activate when the fireball exploded to fake his death
  • Silas flew down upon his “death” to shout “What have you done… that was my son!”
  • Tei gained 25 xp (138 xp)
Adventure Log - 002
In which Silas teases Tei about his terrible ranged skill because he was in the Order
  • Silas teased Tei about his terrible ranged skill
  • Tei gained 14 xp (114 xp)
Adventure Log - 001
In which Riyo's logs are extremely nondescript.
  • Tei started with 75 xp
  • Used miracle to fly to Galdorgalere
  • Used weakest link divination on coffee shop bouncer
  • Tei gained 25 xp (100 xp)
Adventure Log - 000
In which nobody saw that tidal wave.
  • Before Tei joined the party
  • Silas fucked up peace negotiations
  • 80% of the population was killed
  • Tidal waves were involved and blamed on Wylders or something
  • There was a plague where sheep screamed and the rivers were filled with blood I think
  • Usurped the previous terrestrial symmachia

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