The Protectorate of Léodgewinn (LEJ-win) lies on the southern part of a peninsula located on the eastern side of an unnamed continent. Its current ruling symmachia is comprised of the gods Silas, Othar, Theo, and Tei. Léodgewinn borders Eordsele to the west, Dorgeinn to the east, and Tyvceinn to the north.

Léodgewinn is primarily covered in plains across its central regions, with great mountains to the west forming a border with the Protectorate of Eordsele. Forests dominate the southeast, slowly melding into marshland as one moves north, forming a border with the Protectorate of Dorgeinn. An enormous lake forms another natural barrier between the marshlands and the mountains, acting as the border between Léodgewinn and Tyvceinn.

Major Cities


The city of Deiopolis (dee-OP-oll-iss) (formerly Raðshire [ROTH-shur]) lies near the center of the Protectorate.
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The city of Galdoregalere (GALD-or-GALL-air) lies in the south of the Protectorate.
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The Port of Irregnaca (EAR-igg-NAh-kah) lies on the southernmost edge of Léodgewinn, carved into a great cliff nearly 60’ in height. It acts as Léodgewinn’s primary port and immigration center.
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Sithe Othtei

The Conclave of Sithe Othtei (SIE-thee OTH-tay) lies in the west of the Protectorate, nestled between two river forks. While still under construction, it is planned to house the Léodgewinn Parliament and a grand market.
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Léodgewinn uses three denominations of currency, based on the symbols of kingly authority. Bronze Rings, small round bronze coins bearing the symbol of Tei, act as the lowest denomination; Silver Crowns, moderately sized round silver coins bearing the symbol of Othar, act as the middle denomination; and Gold Sovereigns, large round golden coins bearing the symbol of Silas, act as the highest denomination. Theo’s symbol, being the god of wealth, adorns the back of all of the coins.


Silas: 100% Othar: 100% Theo: 100% Tei: 100%


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